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Adobe Draw vector graphics editor

Adobe Illustrator Draw is an amazing free mobile application focused on creating and editing created graphics, created to portable the classic Illustrator for teams.

On the contrary, it is a reduced or limited version of the same software, so artists and graphic designers only have a few basic tools at their disposal to make their sketches anywhere and finish them with Photoshop, Illustrator or other more complete software .

The application was used to make the most of the touch capabilities of mobiles and the power of the latest technologies.

Best of all, it is fully compatible with Android and iOS, so you can download it on any device completely free.

In short, the famous Adobe company is not far behind when we talk about creating digital art. Thanks to its award-winning tools for computer design, it has become the favorite choice for photographers and especially illustrators on any type of device.


Adobe Draw features

The application has a simple and intuitive interface, through which we will have a wide variety of tools that every graphic designer longs for in a vector drawing tool, such as geometric shapes.

In principle, we have a series of templates with basic vector graphics to have a starting point in any project that we want to start.

Another important aspect is the five different types of brushes, which we can customize to our liking in terms of size, opacity and color, in order to make our strokes almost perfectly.

Perhaps when you use Adobe Draw for the first time you will be surprised by its ability to zoom up to X64, to perform surgical touches and obtain more professional finishes. Even if the approach is not enough, we will have the wonderful options of undo and redo.

Also, it allows creating up to ten layers at a time to work the image in the best way and modify each layer as we need. Among the layer options we have the possibility to organize, duplicate, combine, enlarge or reduce them, and even adjust the opacity of each one.

Well, with these important features or tools in any vector graphics editor, you will have in your pocket a quick solution to carry out simple sketches in a simple way anywhere. Likewise, edit or show your projects saved in Creative Cloud.

How to use Adobe Draw?

First of all, we have to download the application on our smartphone or tablet, depending on the operating system you have, Android or iOS.

When we open Adobe Illustrator Draw for the first time, we will have the welcome screen where all the designs we make will appear and order them by categories created by us, in addition to the drawings from the Adobe community.

Below, we have a toolbar with the Settings buttons to modify aspects of the program and the Discover function to access the Adobe Stock deposit.

Formatos adobe draw

As you can see, we have the new button, to create from scratch any sketch, with the currently standardized measurements.

A large number of formats are available, both for digital use and for printing (poster, postcard, comic books, letter, etc.).

When we create a canvas, we will have this workspace.

On the left of the screen, in the form of a sidebar, we have the available brushes and their settings, as we discussed previously (size, opacity and color).

On the right side, the layer system, in which we can organize and create new layers, on the right side.

In the top menu we have some tools:

  • Undo button: Reverts any modification to the canvas.
  • Geometric shapes: a list of predetermined shapes that you can create in your designs.
  • Hide layers: the sidebar where each of the layers are displayed disappears.
  • Export image: displays a series of options to save and export our images. We can send it to some Adobe desktop application, upload it to Creative Cloud in PSD or PDF format, among others.
  • Settings: all the settings you can make appear, such as: change format or measure, rotate the canvas, add grids and some tutorials on Adobe Draw.
  • Visualize: hides all the bars, in order to only visualize the design you are working on.


Certainly, Adobe Draw contains the fundamental tools to work with digital illustration, but even so it is a fairly basic editor in which only make simple designs with the sole purpose of giving it the final touches in a more powerful and complete editor like the real one. Illustrator.

However, it is a good option for those artists who are constantly mobilizing. Without forgetting the free Adobe Illustrator Draw subscription to Creative Cloud and the resources it offers.