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Aviary photo editor

Aviary is a photo editor for mobile devices that works with Android and IOS. Thanks to all its functions, you can add a large number of filters, both classic and stylized. You can proceed to make color corrections, remove stains, add texts and enter drawings.

It has publisher license as a development tool, which means that other users can use it to add it to new applications of its own creation without any additional cost.

It is currently one of the most beloved photo editors for smartphones in the whole community, thanks to all the editing tools it has and because it is totally free, with the exception of a package to get more additional effects, which has a cost of $0.99.

Aviary download

Since December 2018, the Aviary platform itself informed that it is not available to download in the app stores, so it is necessary to access to SDK for Android or SDK for IOS if you want to continue enjoying this fantastic program. The reason is that they have decided to support other newer applications.

A SDK (Software Development Kit) is a group of tools with which you can program applications or download those that are no longer available by direct installation on your mobile device.

Its functions are identical on both platforms, so you should not worry because it works better on Android or IOS.

How does Aviary works?

Once inside the application, you can check how import the photo you want to edit is very easy, you just have to press a button and in a few seconds it will be at your disposal. In the lower part you will have access to all the functions through a list of buttons, if they do not all appear, slide your finger to the left or right and they will appear more.

One flaw it has is that you can see how the effects are, but once you apply them, you will not be able to go back to undo the changes, so think about whether it's the effect you were looking for or not .

The crop tools are the most basic to start with, as well as orientation, with which you can rotate the image. You can correct the color and give it an older finish or create a true work of art as well as professionals.

It has a very high quality of processing effects, so you do not have to wait a lot of time to apply each filter, a few seconds should be more than enough. You can also increase the brightness or sharpness in the areas that want, creating positive approaches or controlled blurring.

Aviary features

Among the different features that can be highlighted, are the following:

  • Possibility of controlling the brightness, saturation, warmth and sharpness of the image.
  • Basic tools with which texts, drawings and images can be added.
  • You will have access to 12 incredible photo filters.
  • You can access additional filters by payment: $ 0.99 each.
  • You can import images from the phone's own gallery or make a capture instantly.
  • Once you finish the edition, you can share it directly on social networks.


Although support is no longer offered by the organization itself, it is possible to download it through an SDK, so you can continue enjoying it. Extra filter packages can also be purchased. Thanks to all the tools it offers, it is still an application for Smartphone that must be considered.


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