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Befunky photo editor

The photo editor Befunky has a large number of photo editing and retouching tools on its interface. This editor is probably of the easiest to use and is available to all users whether they are more or less experienced in the world of photo editing.

You have free access or account registration to save our projects in the cloud, free or paid if we want to activate some features of BeFunky Plus.

Maybe you have too many payment options, leaving the free version somewhat scarce, otherwise the valuation would be higher.

Befunky features

In its online version we find a menu on the left side of the screen very intuitive.

As in most photo editors, their tools are classified into groups of editing, retouching, effects, frames, texts, among others.

Among its tools we can find some curious as touch-ups of teeth whitening or makeup, which are not usually available in many online publishers.

Its premium features, which are activated with the BeFunky Plus are marked with a star and its relation to the price they cost are worth it if it is going to be used regularly.

Its mobile version is somewhat more limited and is focused on photo editing for social networks or personal use.

In this version we will find a lower menu with the same groups of tools as in its online version but with fewer functions.

It is also very simple to use and just give access to the gallery, select our photo and start editing.

In the mobile version we can also choose to use a BeFunky user account to save progress if we believe it is necessary.

One of the great values ​​of this program is the access to the image library of Pixabay with more than 400,000 resources.


BeFunky can not be considered a good tool at a professional level, but it can be a very useful photo editor for personal editing, social networks or photo editing for small websites or blogs.


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