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Canva photo editor

Unlike other photo editors, Canva is not focused on photo editing exclusively as it was designed for design and creation.

The photo editor Canva can be found in online version and mobile version. Both versions have the same tools and their interface is identical in both cases, so we will have no problem if we want to use one or the other.

Interfaz editor de fotos Canva
Editor de fotos Canva para móvil

Canva features

To work with Canva we must have a user account, either by creating it with email or by entering through Google or Facebook. This can be an inconvenience if we only want to edit a photo, however for normal use we have the advantage that we can store our work in the cloud. If we start a design or edition on the computer, we can continue working from our phone at any other time and place.

The photo editor Canva has tools for creating designs:

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Flyers

Canva has all kinds of templates to create Instagram stories or posts, WhatsApp statuses, Facebook posts and many other options.

This photo editor also provides the user with a bank of pre-made images, frames, icons or backgrounds to help us with the design.

In its photo editor has 13 tools that allow us to perform simple but effective functions.


Canva editing tools
Crop images
Modify textures
Focus and blur
Straighten pictures
Vignette effect
Edit grids
Create frames for photos
Control transparencies
Add text to photos
Add stickers
Add text balloons
Add photo effects or filters
Add icons


Canva is a simple but somewhat limited photo editor in its free version, but quite useful if what we want is to take advantage of its templates to post on social networks.


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