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CorelDraw photo editor

CorelDraw is without a doubt one of the most popular photo editors that exist. While it is true that it is, specifically, a PC editor that allows us to do vector design, it has also been used in combination, as a photo editor . We are talking about one of the most famous and recognized programs worldwide for the graphic edition. It is the first great name that was known internationally for this purpose.

CorelDraw was launched approximately 30 years ago, in 1989, and since then they have not stopped releasing versions to the market trying to improve the results produced by previous versions.

CorelDraw download and install

To start working with the CorelDraw photo editor we need to previously install the software that we can download from the official CorelDraw website. We have a trial version available that allows us to install the software and start testing it to see if it fits our needs. The program can be purchased in a full payment, with a reduced payment if it is an update of a previous version, or even acquire it through a subscription model that allows us to make a payment to use the software during a full year for a lower price.

Características de CorelDraw

Once we have installed and executed it, we will find many options to design everything that our imagination allows us to do. Its creative tools will allow us to make signs, banners, logos and all kinds of graphics for web and print.

Through its editing tools panel we will be able to create elements from scratch, or we will be able to work with elements that we have previously, such as photos. In this way, we will convert CorelDraw in our photo editor and we will give shape to the designs that we are generating from photos that we have.

Work remotely with CorelDraw

One of the advantages of the latest version of CorelDraw is that it includes, which allows, through a web app, access to the work we are developing with CorelDraw and that we can upload to the cloud. In this way, we can review our work to teach whoever we want, or even work remotely even if we do not have CorelDraw installed on that PC from which we need to work at that time.

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