Facetune 2 update

The photo editor Facetune has recently launched a major update of its platform, a new version named Facetune 2, being the only one currently available for download from the Play Store.

This image editor brings important news, some for good but mostly it has been a widespread disaster and is receiving severe criticism from the community.

Let's see what has changed and how we can fix it:

Previously Facetune had two versions for Android platforms (one for a single payment without ads and another for free with an ad), while it only had a paid version for IOS.

What they have done in this update to Facetune 2 is to completely remove the original Facetune, leaving only a paid version for IOS and a free version for Android with the option to make a Monthly payment of € 3.59 or annual € 54.99 if we want to enjoy all its tools.

The free version of Android is extremely limited, forcing the user to subscribe to its Facetune VIP version.

What to do if we want to keep the old version?

Usually, by ignoring this many, or by having automatic updates, they will have already updated to Facetune 2. Otherwise, don't update.

Facetune does not warn what happens to be paid at the time of updating, so it is logical that people update to get the latest news.

And if we have already updated?

Everything is not lost, we can still download the .apk from previous versions with free license found in some APK repositories.

In our Facetune review you will find the version to download Facetune for free. In this version they have all the tools, including patching, without having to subscribe. In case of installing version, Facetune will try to update. Therefore, they should disable automatic updates.

We hope this is helpful to those who want to keep Facetune as the main photo editor, since it is a really good application being free or for a single payment.