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Facetune is the image editing app that is conquering social networks. Among its peculiarities is a simple, intuitive and easy to use interface from the first moment, to give a personal touch to the famous selfies or any kind of photography that you like.

It is completely free for Android devices, although it has a paid version without advertising if we prefer not to see any ads, although there are very few ads in the free version.

If we are IOS users, we will have to opt for the paid version.

UPDATE: Facetune paid version for android is no longer avaiable. Instead of that, free version has now some paid features that were free before the update to Facetune 2.

You can download Facetune APK for Android devices from apks repository APKMirror or Uptodown. Here you can find the direct link to download Facetune old versions.

For mantaining an old version, you will need to desactivate automatic updates in your Android device.

The editing probabilities are very sophisticated thanks to the great work of their developers.

It is not enough that the edition be perfect, Facetune tries to go further by focusing on the adolescent audience, whether or not they have notions about image editing.

It is the perfect application to edit our portraits and self-portraits in a very intuitive and customizable way since with a reduced tool repertoire we can make important improvements to our photos.

It also has options to capture images from the app, share or watch tutorials if we get stuck in the operation of any of its tools.

Facetune download

Facetune can be downloaded in your Smartphone directly from your App Store and Google Play Store. In a very short time you will have at your disposal one of the most loved and valued applications of recent times.

The over 4 million downloads around the world have placed it at the top for fans of the edition or those users who want to stand out and do something fun with their pics.

How does Facetune works?

Among its functions you can find basic tools such as trimming photographs, adjusting them, whitening teeth, smoothing the skin, highlighting details, eliminating red eyes or adding filters and effects.

No matter what you need to do with your image, Facetune has everything you're looking for. To make matters worse, each of the tools has a small tutorial to learn how to get the most out in the shortest possible time.

All its functions compete with programs dedicated especially for professionals in the world of photography, so creating a true work of art is a matter of time, creativity and patience.

At the bottom of the screen will appear a comparison button, with which you can see what the photograph was like before starting the editing, and compare it when it is finished, deciding for yourself if something is missing or it's perfect.

Its patching tool is one of the most interesting as it offers a quality finish that nothing has to envy a professional photo editor.

Once the editing of the photo is finished, it is as easy as pressing a button and decide if you want to save the image in your gallery or share it in one of your social networks, as : Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The limit is in your imagination.

Facetune features

Among the features that more users highlight, are the following:

  • Ease of design and import of images
  • A lot of effects, filters and tools available to all users
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • User-friendly
  • It contains text tutorials, images and videos in each category to get the most out of it
  • You can share images directly on social networks
  • It is the application itself that warns you if you make an error or detect excessive editing


In the technological world in which we find ourselves, having this type of applications, with a wide variety of possibilities, is what most attracts the attention of users. It's worth downloading Facetune, if only to test it, you'll find that you can not live without it.


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