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Fotor photo editor

Fotor is an excellent online photo editor with a very complete version also for smartphone. Its access can be done with a user account or as a guest, which allows us to store our work if we need.

Fotor is completely free, although has some payment options if we want to improve the editor. Unlike other editors, these options are really improvement, and the tools restricted to Fotor Pro are not too many.

Fotor Pro allows us:

  • Access some premium editing tools.
  • Mass storage in the cloud.
  • Ad removal and work canvas increase.

Fotor features

This editor allows us, edit photos, make collages and create designs in JPG and PNG formats. In addition Fotor supports the HD PDF format to create designs ready to print or share. With this format we can create our posters, invitation cards or brochures.

Fotor has all types of templates for design, a large number of fonts, stickers and specific design tools for shapes, alignments, shadows, clones, etc.

It is in the design part where more differences will be found between the online and smartphone versions. In the mobile version we will not find templates to design and the number of stickers and other tools is smaller.

The photo editor allows us to make basic adjustments, such as editing sizes, rotations, colors or brightness, apply all kinds of photo effects with a wide range of filters or make portrait retouching with a good repertoire of tools available to the user.

Its interface in the online version is one of the most intuitive and best looking that can be found. The same for the mobile version, although for smartphone there are quite similar photo editors and maybe it does not stand out that much.

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