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GIMP photo editor

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free photo editor for pc with open source that all who have used it adore. The negative point is that the users themselves claimed that it is difficult to use, but dedicating a little time each day, you can get to create real works of art.

Thanks to constant improvements in its interface and design, it has established itself as a photo editor competent and with a large number of tools that allow to process and edit images in a short time.

GIMP download

This photo editor can be downloaded in its latest version through its official website: You need an operating system with Windows 7 or later to be able to run it. By having versions for 32 and 64 bits, all users can enjoy its advantages.
There's also avaiable a Smartphone app, however, it is not a native APK. GIMP has a Chrome extension available to use online.

GIMP features

Among the different features to which you have access in GIMP, you will find the following:

  • You don't need an extremely powerful computer to be used, as it is very well optimized
  • The interface can be customized to fit the needs of all users
  • The program itself has avaiable different tutorials so that everyone can learn to use it quickly
  • The community is very active and will answer your questions in a short time
  • It contains a lot of editing tools
  • Updates are released every few days that correct program failures and add improvements for the enjoyment of all users
  • It is a perfect program for complex photo editing

When you run it for the first time, you can find a complex but intuitive interface that will encourage you to continue using it. You will have different brushes, textures and all kinds of tools to edit your photographs and add effects and spectacular designs.

Both menus and editing tools are exclusive to GIMP. Their colors are grouped to make it easier to edit the photograph. By means of the cut function it is possible to eliminate those parts that do not fit perfectly with your design.

Although there is no menu of 3D commands, it is possible to use generic files from the library, or scripts to add this function and use it in a similar way to other programs.

Among the functions you will perform, you can add different layers, apply filters, modify the image and its features in full, enter texts, change the fusion mode to be performed, modify its brightness or sharpness until the design fits what you were looking for.

In case you do not like something, you can review the history and undo that part, keeping the progress you have made later or modify it to create the perfect design and show it to your friends.

This photo editor will allow us to perform all kinds of operations working with layers, perform color selections or fuzzy selections to crop, edit certain parts and any other edition as if it were a professional photo editor.


All people who love image editing will find GIMP a great adventure companion, capable of offering everything that other well-known programs have at their disposal. If you add to this that you are continuously applying improvements and that it is free, it is worth being tested.


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