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Gravit Designer vector graphics editor

Gravit Designer is a powerful and lightweight vector graphics editing software, created to cover all the needs of a professional or hobbyist graphic designer, from your favorite web browser, making it a portable and easy to access tool on any device with the Internet.

Like most online publishers, Gravit Designer is a free tool, with no intrusive ads or other means to monetize the platform. Still, it has a paid version, bringing with it a multitude of interesting improvements, which you can consult at the following link.

Despite having a paid edition, the free version does not differ much in terms of fundamental tools. The highlight of the PRO edition is:

  • Ability to work offline.
  • Compatibility with the CMYK color model.
  • A greater variety of non-destructive effects.
  • Better styles for texts, and the ability to make lists and bullets.

Among other minor things ...

As you could see in the previous link (if you didn't take a look at it, no problem), the application is qualified enough to support the workflow of a graphic designer.

Although it stands out for being an online editor, we can also download the edition for Windows, Android, iOS or Linux.

However, we recommend you use its online version, due to its incredible stability and performance, without forgetting the constant updates that it enjoys long before other platforms. In addition, it is the version on which we based on this article;)

It should be noted, Gravit allows you to import and export the following formats: SVG, PNG, JPG and PDF.

Gravit Designer features

  • Multiplatform application.
  • Friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Incredible performance to be a Web App.
  • Supports layer management.
  • Basic transformation tools.
  • Ability to work with vectors, smart objects and effects.
  • Library with free sample templates, designs and illustrations.
  • All tools are in plain sight.

What can we do with Gravit Designer?

Being an application for editing vector graphics, it means that it is capable of handling any type of vector images in a simple way.

That is, import of sketches, illustrations, models, logos and characters, or creation of objects for a website.

In the same way as other vector graphics programs, the Gravit Designer allows the use of multiple custom effects by yourself, this includes: inner and outer shadow to find a glow effect, color adjustments (brightness, hue, contrast, saturation) ), blur and overlay.

Best of all, you can use more than one effect on the same item. Also, we can draw straight lines or bezier curves with exact results, with the useful pen / pencil tool.

Also, we have predefined shapes to create lines, rectangles, triangles, ellipses, stars and polygons.

Furthermore, to the strokes and shapes that we create, we can add fills that can be of textures, gradients, flat colors or noise. Like borders, they have the ability to adjust their opacity and blend options.

As you see Gravit Designer, it includes the basic tools to work with graphic design, but it does not end there, it is of utmost importance that you thoroughly explore its interface and discover advanced options to make more professional finishes.

Consequently, we can add our designs and start applying the corresponding transformations, taking advantage of the complete and at the same time simple editing tools provided by the editor.

How to use Gravit Designer?

Without a doubt you will be eager to start creating your designs in Gravit Designer, for this, just go to the following link:

Then, we must open an account to be able to access the platform. Once this step is done, we will have the possibility to opt for a free trial of its PRO version for 15 days, even so we will show you a small overview of everything included in the program.

When creating a design, a welcome screen will appear, where we will have the possibility to create a completely customized project from scratch.

When creating a design, this welcome screen will appear, where we will have the possibility to create a completely customized project from scratch.

After choosing our method, we will access the work area. In which we will have a large number of design tools at a glance:

As you can see, at the top we have the toolbar, with the options that we need to see first in a vector drawing application, we talk about tracing, creating shapes, rotation, grouping order, writing text and other tools of selection.

In addition, we can work on different projects at the same time and switch between them using the tabs located in the upper right corner.

On the right of the screen, we will find the editing controls, depending on what we have selected, the options vary.

If we do not have anything selected, the general options of the document will appear.

Layers and page options are located on the left of the screen. Each page is like an individual document within the same project.

It means that the changes made on one page do not affect the other at all. Unless, single page / multi-page mode is enabled.

On the other hand, the most useful thing about pages is to create PowerPoint presentations with them. To create a presentation in Gravit, go to "Toolbar> View> Play / Present"


In short, Gravit Designer is presented as one of many free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, due to its ease of use, complete repertoire of tools and friendly design.

Without a doubt, it is a seductive option for those who want to get started in graphic design and learn to work with vectors in a free way, making use of a light and complete design and vector graphics application.