Install mobile photo editor in your PC

If you are looking how to use a mobile photo editor like Snapseed or Facetune on your pc, in this article we will show you how to install a photo editor on the PC in three simple steps.

This is useful if we are adapted to a specific image editor and want to use it more smoothly and conveniently on our computer.

Required downloads:

  • Android emulator for windows (we recommend this one, it's very simple since it only requires downloading and installing)- Direct download link
  • APK (application) of the photo editor if we don't want to set up our Play Store account or if we don't have an account.


As we have already mentioned, we recommend the MEmu emulator.

To download it, we can go to its official website , or simply download directly from the previous link.

Once downloaded we run it and install it.

During the installation, select that we do not want to install the antivirus offered when it give us the option.





Once we have the emulator installed, we have two possibilities: Configure our Play Store, or simply download the APKs of the edtiores and install them.

To configure and download through Play Store we will do it as if we are using another mobile phone. Therefore, we will focus on explaining how to download and install the photo editor directly, so that any user, whether or not have an account in the Play Store, can use the photo editor on their PC.

1.- APK Download

To download any APK, we can go to the web Uptodown (Android section).

Once inside, we just have to find the editor we want and download it. In this repository we will not find fraudulent links or abusive advertising.

You will also find some of the links for direct download on our website, such as the free version of Facetune in its review.

2.- APK Installation

This is an extremely simple step

Simply open the emulator, click on the APK icon (upper right of the screen) and select the file we have downloaded.





In order for us to open images from the photo editor, we have to assign a folder. This can be any, but we must specify which.

To do this we just have to click on the folder on the right sidebar (see image), and select the folder of images we want to use.

Now we are ready to execute Snapseed, PicsArt or Facetune for PC, among many others. It is enough to run the program and select the photo editor we want to use to edit our photos.