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Adobe Lightroom CC photo editor for smartphone

Adobe Lightroom CC is a free photo editor for mobile that allows you to capture and edit photos with professional quality.

This application allows you to capture photos from the application with the DNG format of RAW files to have greater control of the edition. Working with a wide dynamic range will allow us to capture all the tones, from the lightest to the darkest. Choose the exposure, aperture, wide-angle lens or telephoto as if it were a professional camera.

Adobe Lightroom CC allows you to expand the possibilities with the Premium payment version. This extension will allow us to remove anything from your photos, edit exact details or adjust the perspective of the image. The Adobe Lightroom CC Premium version will also make it easier for us to organize photos with labels or store your images in the cloud and access them on other devices.

Adobe Lightroom CC features

The interface of this photo editor is very simple and minimalist.

When opening the application we found a main menu with some interesting functions:

  • Access the configuration, help, account and activation of premium functions.
  • To see what photos we have in the editor.
  • Add photos from our gallery to edit them.
  • Capture an image with the phone's camera.
  • Store in the cloud to synchronize from any device.
  • Use Adobe Sensei. This tool identifies objects and tag photos automatically.

Once we have made the photo or we have selected it from our gallery, we access the Lightroom photo editor.

With a small menu at the bottom we can select any editing tool and work with it without ever losing sight of the image with which we are working and the changes that we are doing.

From this editor we can work with tools such as crop, modify light, colors, or correct the lens profile, among others. If we have the premium version we can also correct the perspectives, use the selective adjustments, work with the corrector.


Adobe Lightroom CC is a photo editor designed for professionals and semi-professionals of photography adapted for all those fans who are looking for a very complete application for image editing.


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