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Adobe Lightroom photo editor

Adobe Lightroom CC is a digital photo editor for editing photos in workflow. What it means to address all the editing tasks from the import until the final product is obtained in a defined, orderly and efficient manner. Adobe Lightroom CC is an ideal program for editing photographs and is not designed for the editing of other images such as drawings, graphics, symbols, etc.

For this, Lightroom offers us a Library, where we will organize the images and manage them using attributes. In addition, in its latest versions, the application allows us to organize photographs according to their georeferences obtained from GPS data.

Adobe Lightroom CC allows us to reveal CMYK, DNG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, RAW and TIFF files, in addition to the video formats: AVI, AVCHD, MOV and MP4.

The application interface offers tools as diverse as, white balance, tone enhancement, color balance, red eye removal, noise reduction, contrast and exposure. We can also select, straighten or trim our images. The program allows us to apply all these settings en bloc to groups of photographs to achieve similar results in large amounts of images.

The application facilitates the creation of photo books that we can export in PDF format for digital use or to send to a printing service provider.

Adobe Lightroom CC is a paid program that allows a seven-day trial version. If we decide, there are different options to enjoy the editor permanently. The Lightroom CC plan includes the new Lightroom CC i 1 TB of cloud storage for € 12.09. The Adobe photographic plan offers Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and 20m GB of storage in the cloud for € 12.09. And, finally, we can opt for the same plan by increasing storage to the cloud in 1TB for € 24.19.