Mobile apps Lightroom and Photoshop updated

More and more users are turning to a mobile or smartphone to retouch and edit photos, as we increasingly have more powerful devices and the main photo editors are taking advantage of these technological advances by offering improvements and new tools or options to work.

These advances and updates are a factor that from EditorFoto team we have in mind for the evaluation of these applications, as there are cases in which important photo editors have set aside their maintenance and their rate has been negatively modified. If we have better devices and connections, we must know how to take advantage of this technology.


The Adobe platform could not be less in this market and re-updated almost simultaneously its two most used applications.

At the end of this month of October 2019 they have released an interesting update in the Photoshop express photo editor (version 6.1.592), while since November 3, 2019, we can already download version 5.0 for Adobe Lightroom, with many improvements and new functions and compatibilities.

Photoshop express

  • As of this version, you can change the size of the watermarks.
  • The vignette effect has been improved.
  • New looks and text styles have been added.
  • Several bug fixes and app crashes on some devices.

Adobe Lightroom

  • Contextual help has been added. Now all tools offer instant information about their use, which will be very useful for new users.
  • Instead of just saving, we can now export images with a variety of parameters that the app will offer us such as name, output focus, color space or file format, among other options.
  • Interactive corrective brush and radial gradient tutorials have been expanded, two very useful tools in this image editor.
  • Compatibilities with new lenses and cameras on the market for Adobe camera RAW have been added. The listings of compatible lenses and cameras and devices are very extensive and you can check them in these link:

Camera Raw compatible lenses

Cameras supported by Camera Raw