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Phixr photo editor

Phixr is a fairly simple online photo editor.

To work with Phixr we must do it from the browser exclusively, since it does not have any other version. We can access with a user account or guests, depending on whether we are going to use this editor on a recurring basis.

Your web design may seem somewhat "outdated" and with a fairly low resolution.

Phixr features

One of the advantages of this editor is that it allows us to select photos from some social networks or through a web link.

To upload photos via google photos, dropbox, flickr or photobucket we must give permission to the editor to access our images in the cloud, so is better to upload them ourselves.

Cargar foto Phixr

Once we access the photo editor this is easy to manage, although its floating window system can be somewhat inconvenient to use since the images will be quite reduced when applying some of its editing tools.

Phixr has a total of 25 editing tools, which although separated in the tools menu, several of them perform very similar functions.

  • Rotate at 90º
  • Rotate arbitrarily
  • Flip horizontally or vertically
  • Change image size
  • Trim
  • Enlarge the canvas
  • PHIX filters!
  • Color effects
  • Camera effects
  • Add text
  • Decorate with clipart
  • Add Memes
  • Create greeting cards
  • Special effects
  • Snacks
  • Add gradients and geometric shapes
  • Add a frame to the image
  • Adjustment of brightness, contrast and tones
  • Color balance
  • Focus
  • Blur
  • Noise reduction in the image
  • Mix photos
  • Fix red eyes
  • Whiten teeth


Phixr is completely free, although there is advertising on its interface. Your ads are not intrusive or open windows or pop-ups, which is not a problem to highlight.


It is a simple photo editor that can be useful to get out of step, but without great pretensions.


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