Photo editors rating update

Due to the constant modifications of the photo editors, the valuations of the team are being modified slightly depending on these changes and how the technology of these programs or applications is evolving.

Below you will find to which photo editor rating has been recalculated and the reasons why it has occurred:


Photo editor
+- ⭐ Rating appraisement
Snapseed -1 The photo editor developed by Google has been one of the best for a long time. However, the lack of updates has left it a little behind if we compare it with other image editors. It changes from having the 5 stars to 4, which is not a bad score either.
Facetune -1 As already mentioned in the previous article, Facetune made the updating its platform to Facetune 2 . This update has been a disaster since the most interesting tools became paid by subscription.

Although we have the possibility to easily reinstall the old Facetune (also explained in the article), our ratings should be based on the most up-to-date content of each photo editor, and Facetune 2 does not deserve more than 3 stars.

VSCO -1 It lacks tools and gives few possibilities, even in its paid version. We have given this application several opportunities, however on many occasions we have to turn to another photo editor to make some tweaks.

It is left with 3 stars, a fair but acceptable score.

Pixlr +1 This photo editor has the most advanced tools either as an online or mobile photo editor.

They continue to make updates and recently launched Pixlr X. For us it has become the best photo editor of 2019 and that is why we have gone on to give it the highest score.

Fotor -1 Despite being an excellent editor, the tools that we will find in Fotor for mobile are quite simple and we can find them in others such as Snapseed, while the editor in its online version it's quite limited if we compare it with others such as Polarr. Lose a star to keep 4.
Canva +1 Maybe the 3 stars it had were few for everything Canva offers. Without being a very prominent photo editor in terms of tools, it does offer a lot of extra features and designs to create posters, flyers, visit cards and much more.

It has excellent technical support and a very active community in forums and social media.

For all this it gets 1 more star to have 4.