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Photoscape X photo editor

Photoscape X is a simple but effective photo editor. It has a lot of functions with which to get the most out of your images, like retouch, manage, capture screen, add filters, create effects, etc.

You do not need to invest a lot of time in learning how to use it, because in a matter of minutes you will know everything it offers and you can create authentic works of art.

It is true that today is not considered as the best photo editor, but the large number of features left to users and their ease of use have propelled to the top of the list of downloads.

How does Photoscape X works?

Once you have downloaded it, you can access all the functions it has in its menu. It does not matter if you are an amateur or you work professionally editing photos, the Photoscape X serves perfectly as another professional editor.

In addition, when starting the application we will find a series of tutorials of all its editimng tools, linked to explanatory videos.

When you open the editing tab, it will show the images you can work with, just select the appropriate one and start testing functions. The movie effect is one of the most liked by users.


Among its functions, one of the most striking when you access the program, is its interface. In its main screen it has different tabs, in addition to a toolbar with 9 options, which are responsible for offering the functions to proceed with the photo editing

Through them you can access the creation of a animated GIF, print the design you have made, access all its editing functions or combine several photos are some of the functions that are available to the user.

Is Photoscape X totally free?

It's a free photo editor. No need to download other applications to complement its functionality and work with a large number of formats, GIF being one of the most loved today.

Photoscape X is optimized so that low-end computers can use it, works as long as they have at least the following minimum configuration:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • Free disk space: 500 MB
  • CPU: Intel Multi-Core

There is another version of the program called Photoscape X Pro, which includes more features, the difference is that its price is $ 39.99.


Photoscape X download

To download Photoscape X you can do it from your its web platform: In a short time you will have at your disposal all the improvements and constant updates avaiable.

The Photoscape X for Windows download can also be done through the Microsoft Store.


If you were looking for a versatile software, with which you can work with image designs, with a large number of functions and easy to learn, the Photoscape X is one of the best proposals to consider. Being totally free is an option that has captivated millions of people around the world.


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