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UPDATE: Online photoshop express platform is no longer avaiable

Photoshop Express photo editor

Photoshop Express is a photo editor where you start creating magic in each of your photos, being able to modify everything you need to find a spectacular design in a very short time.

All types of users use it for editing, both basic and advanced, quickly and easily. It has a very intuitive interface and has colors that do not harm the eye, so there is no problem in using it for a large amount of time.

How does Photoshop Express works?

When you start Photoshop Express for the first time, you will see that it is an intelligent image editing system, with a very attractive design and with very ordered icons, which facilitates the search for all users .

All the tools you have at your disposal are divided into two categories: Edition and Decoration.

The first of them includes all the options that lovers of the photographic edition look for, such as saturation adjustments, cutouts, resizing or switching between different color balances.

In this section you can also see more advanced tools that most editors do not have at their disposal, such as the option to fill light, perfect to reduce shadows or eliminate those dead spots where you can not see the bottom.

You can also perform the automatic correction, leaving the program to analyze the image and adding the filters you think appropriate through quick adjustments, which you can add or undo with just one click.

When you have finished with everything that the edition function leaves at your disposal, it is time to focus on the decoration, which is even more fun. The first thing you'll find are the stickers you can add, just like the emoticons in WhatsApp. Thus, you will be able to personalize your photographs and provide them with the style that most characterizes you.

Although it is not possible to edit the text in the decoration function, you can change the size, position, rotate the image or adjust the opacity until it is completely to your liking. Afterwards, you can share it on your social networks and see what they think of your new design.

To feel more secure, you do not have to worry about spoiling the image in any step you take, since you can go back at any time.

Photoshop Express decoración

In its smartphone version we will find a similar interface format, with the menu at the bottom as in most mobile editors.

The number of tools is somewhat smaller than in the online editor, although it is still one of the most complete photo editors for smartphone.

Among all the functions that Photoshop Express offers, we can find the basic editing tools of any photo editor, such as adjusting brightness, contrasts, colors, crop image, add frames and work with templates to create designs focused on social networks.

When you finish editing, it is as easy as selecting the save option and in a matter of seconds you will have your design ready on your favorite device. As a negative aspect, the only format that is supported is .JPG, so you'll have to pass them to this format before you can load them in Photoshop Express, removing that, the rest is just dedication and let your creativity fly.

Photoshop Express download

Photoshop Express is a cross-platform application, that means you can find it in its online version from its own official platform: Photoshop. com , but also for download to Smartphone and Windows.

For windows we can download it directly in the Microsoft Store.

Whatever your preferred platform, in a very short time you will have one of the best image editors and you can create spectacular designs.

Photoshop Express features

  • Cross-platform
  • A wide variety of editing tools
  • Free use
  • A very careful and attractive design
  • You do not need the installation of extra add-ons
  • All options are in sight
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Just upload an image to start editing


Photoshop Express is an excellent multiplatform image editor, with a large number of tools available to users and with an enviable design. In addition, their tools are easily customizable to fit the needs of everyone.

We can't expect anything like the original Photoshop, since it is much more limited, and we could not consider it the best free multiplatform editor, although it is a very good option.


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