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Adobe Photoshop photo editor

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editor. And, although for a long time it was an almost exclusive tool for designers, it is currently the most used program by professional photographers from around the world.

Adobe Photoshop is also used in different disciplines such as web design, composition of bitmap images, digital styling, photocomposition and editing and video graphics.

The photo editor Adobe Photoshop supports many formats: PSD, PSB, PostScript, EPS, DCS, EPS EPS TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PICT, PNG, PDF, ICO, IFF , PCX, RAW, TGA, Scitex CT, Filmstrip, FlashPix and JPEG2000.

Most used formats in Photoshop:
  • PSD: Photoshop standard format with layer support.
  • PSB: image format that allows to work with files of 300,000 pixels in any size. It has all the Photoshop tools to work with these images. This format can only be opened in Photoshop CS or higher and not in other applications or in older versions of the same program.
  • GIF:compression format that can contain between 2 and 256 colors. Ideal for working on graphic images, it has been widely used in banner advertising and is currently used in animated images for web pages.
  • JPEG o JPG: format designed to adjust the images compression. Obviously, the higher the compression, the lower the image quality.
  • PNG: the format is very similar to the GIF, but with higher quality. It supports transparency and 24 bits colors. Only the most recent versions of browsers can support them.
  • PDF: Acrobat original format that allows saving vector images and bitmap.
  • RAW: format obtained directly from the CCD sensor of professional or semi-professional cameras. The translation of RAW is raw and it is that this format contains the original image data, that is why they occupy a high amount of disk space.

Photoshop features

The Adobe Photoshop interface offers us very varied tools with; rectangular, elliptical or by rows and columns; magnetic tie; quick selection or magic wand; cut or sector; dropper; correction brush, patch or red eye brush; brush or pencil; tampon; draft; gradient or paint pot; unfocus, focus or finger; overexpose, underexpose or sponge; feather; text; selection; rectangle, ellipse, polygon, line or custom shape; or the zoom.

In addition to all these tools we can display different windows that will multiply the possibilities to edit our images. Some of the most interesting are the possibility of working the image by layers or directly on the adjustments of the image such as: brightness and contrast, exposure, hue and saturation or color balance among others.

The photo editor Adobe Photoshop is a paid application that allows us to try a free version for 7 days. If you convince us, we can access different Adobe packs depending on whether we are individuals, companies or students and teachers. For individuals, the most accessible options are the monthly payment photo plan that, for € 12.09/month includes Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and 20 GB of storage in the cloud. Or, the single application plan that includes Adobe Photoshop CC and 100 GB of storage in the cloud for € 24.19/month.


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