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PicsArt photo editor

PicsArt is a photo editing application that allows you to edit your images in a fun and different way, and share them on your preferred social networks. It does not matter if you are a professional or amateur, with the large number of tools at your disposal you can add frames, texts, stickers, color changes or filters to add a completely new touch.

Although it is an application that is increasingly popular, its team of developers continues implementing improvements and adding new tools to create the works of art that have catapulted their software to the top.

Although it contains a lot of tools that can seem overwhelming at first, you do not have to alert yourself, its interface is very simple and intuitive and with a little practice you can develop as an expert.

If you wish, you can also see what your friends or other people share thanks to working as a social network. There are thematic contests in the community where those who wish to do so can present their ideas and receive votes from around the world.

PicsArt has been characterized for being a very powerful photographic application for Smartphone, that has nothing to envy to its competitors and with some functions with which you will seem that you have been realizing photographic edition all your life.

PicsArt download

As it is a free application for Smartphone, it can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. It also has a YouTube channel avaiable where youu can access videos, tutorials, tricks and possibilities that this software offers, to get the most out of it in record time.

In the website:, you will find a large number of images with which you can start to get the most out of the application before starting with yours. There is also the information of the existing and finished challenges.

Finally, you can see images of other artists with which you can take ideas for your own design and, why not, participate in any of their contests.

How does PicsArt works?

It does not matter if you are an adult or a teenager, PicsArt is the home of millions of users who love image editing. Its interface presents a very clear and sophisticated design.

It is possible to draw on top of your images with your own finger or with a touch pen, just like professional designers do with their graphic tablets, but with a Smartphone. This possibility has made the application so surprising and so easy to control that every day that passes adds hundreds of new users.

Once inside, you may feel a little overwhelmed if you are looking for a specific tool and you can not find it, since it contains a wide range, but with a little patience and continuity, you can create works of art.

PicsArt features

Among its main features, are the following:

  • Perfect to cover the needs of all users who want to make a simple photographic edition
  • It contains a lot of editing tools
  • It is continuously under development
  • Its developers add improvements to correct errors and implement new functions
  • You can share the editions directly on social networks
  • It's a social network
  • Possibility of participating in contests


Thanks to all the tools it brings and to what is totally free, it is worthwhile, at the very least, to take a look at it, you will see that it meets your needs in the most positive way possible.


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