PixlR Editor Beta major update

PixlR has made available to some users its new version of the online photo editor in the beta phase (does not include Pixlr X). This update takes an important change in the entire platform, with significant changes in photo editing tools, menus, interface design and canvas size.

In EditorFoto.com we have already been able to try this editor and the results and possibilities are really excellent.



General update of the interface and canvas

The entire interface has been updated. The beta version has stopped using javascript. Also the canvas is now much larger and allows us to work with a greater view of the image, and the menus and photo editing tools icons of the tools have been redesigned.

Old interface

New interface

Menu and editing tools updates

In this aspect we will also find important changes.

As for the menu, it has been simplified and redistributed. The effects have also been grouped in a visual window, so we can see what type of filter we are going to apply to the image.

The tools have also been improved, adding some more efficient tools and eliminating some useless ones.

The inventory of editing tools is now much clearer, and placing the mouse cursor on top of each tool will display an interactive help that will give us information about the utility of the tool.

PixlR and Pixlr X, are becoming a reference in platforms for editing photos online.

This update is currently in beta, which still lacks all language or export functions. As soon as it's open to the public we will update with all the information about this magnificent photo editor.