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Polarr photo editor

Polarr is a cross-platform photo editor where you can find an interface with a large number of editing tools, photo effects and layers at your disposal. The functions that it has incorporated are very sophisticated, which is why every day that passes win hundreds of new users who are delighted with the platform. It's really amazing everything that Polarr offers to its users.

This photo editor has the same functions on all its platforms.

Although it is somewhat more complex than most programs, if we learn to manage any of its versions we will have controlled the editor.

Tool icons, filters, overlays, etc. they are identical in the online or desktop versions to the smartphone version.

Polarr download

Being a cross-platform editor, you can find it in web version, Smartphone, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it on its official website: Polarr.co.

Descargar polarr

You can see that there are two different versions, first one is free and the other one is paid.

Both versions offer a large number of editing tools with which to create fun and professional effects. The difference is that the paid version is adapted for the most advanced users, who are professionally dedicated to this sector.


Polarr features

  • Is cross-platform
  • It has two versions, so that each type of user can access the one that best suits him
  • Its editing tools and photographic effects are very powerful
  • One of the best alternatives to other well-known editors, such as Photoshop
  • It includes special effects
  • It is not necessary to download it to start using it
  • Its interface is very aesthetically pleasing
  • PYou can find a lot of tutorials with which to learn how to use it quickly, accurately and effectively

How does Polarr works?

If there is something that catches your attention the first time you start it, it's the sophisticated design that leaves its users. The tools are very easy to find. The filters are located on the left side and what has to do with the color change on the right side.

In order to see the work you have done so far, you have a history with which you can undo changes that do not end up convincing you at the push of a button, without having to modify the subsequent steps.

Do not be afraid to press the buttons that says "auto", since the program will automatically analyze the image and add the effects you think are necessary, in case you do not like it, it's as easy as eliminating this process.

The shades and black colors are very easy to optimize thanks to the contrast controls, all you have to do is slide the mouse to add more or less intensity, combining perfectly with very shaded images or where there is fog, giving you the possibility to create a very striking image with just one click.

In case you do not want to use the automatic functions that this editor offers, to investigate how to do them manually and adjust them to your characteristics and needs, Polarr offers a large number of controls with which makes it possible, providing greater color balance and a professional slider.

For the minimalist style lovers, you can also find the "curve function", which offers basic color corrections using RGB lines, in charge of adding contrast or eliminating it, being able to find the perfect combination in a short time.

With this same function you can remove the color moulds and make them better aligned with each other. To do this, place a point in the center and move it to the top or bottom, in this way, you will be adding shadows and lights almost effortlessly.

It also includes the basic functions that most editors have built-in, such as adding movie filters, crop image, remove spots, cloning, add text, red eyes, etc.

Once finished our edition, we can download our image or export it in the pro version, allowing to make a daily export in the free version.

Here we can share or save the image, apply watermarks, formats, crop the image, adjust the resolution, or preserve or edit the metadata of the image.


Being cross-platform and equipped with many of the best editing tools that can be found in free software, it's worth spending a bit of time to learn how to use Polarr photo editor. In a few days you can create works of art at the height of professionals.


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