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Snapseed photo editor

With over 50 million downloads, the Snapseed photo editor is one of the best free applications for photo editing from any mobile device. Available for both Android and iOS, this editor allows us to reveal .RAW files or edit photos in .JPG format.

Snapseed features

This photo editor has a simple interface consisting of a lower menu to choose a design, edit the image or export our results and share or store them on our device.

Selecting one of the options will show us all the functions that we can choose to work with.

The Snapseed photo editor has 29 tools to edit all our images.

Its most interesting tools allow us to adjust the exposure and color of your photos, control the brightness, blur the background or contrast selected details.

It will also allow us to cut, rotate and correct the perspective, or work with such fun effects as grainy film, vintage, retrolux, noir, black and white, frames or double exposure.

In addition to all its functions we have a small drop-down menu in the upper right. From this menu we can change the interface to dark mode, access help channels on YouTube or Google+ and view the tutorials that Snapseed makes available of the users. These tutorials are very interesting because they will be useful for us to learn how to use the Snapseed tools but they will also be useful for any photo editing application.

Snapseed photo tutorials

Snapseed is completely free, it has no advertising on the app, nor premium subscription or payment features.


Therefore, we can assure you that Snapseed is an application suitable both for amateurs of photography and for professionals who need to edit their photos from their mobile.


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