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VSCO photo editor

VSCO is a image editor for photographers who know how to appreciate the art of editing. You can find a large number of editing tools, filters and different types of edition that satisfy even the most demanding users.

Although the interface is somewhat more complex, it is easy to use because it is not overloaded. There are tutorials to which new users can learn the basics.

VSCO download

Being a software compatible with Smartphone, it can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. In a short time you will have the program on your mobile phone and you can start enjoying everything it offers.

There is another application called VSCO X, which is an improved version of the previous one, with more tools and functions. However, it is necessary to make an annual payment of $20. In the free version you can also find tool packages for $0.99.

How does VSCO works?

Once inside the program, you can find up to 10 photographic filters with a high quality, with which you can change the color, dynamic range, exposure of the image and add different basic effects. The filters, not all free, are more varied and less aggressive than those of other applications.

By pressing twice on these colors, you will access a intensity control and a wide variety of other effects, with which you will create works of art either for a job in the university or to have fun with your friends.

In the "Tools" section you will find different classic functions, such as cropping photos, adding shadows or temperatures, fading, improving the focus quality, etc. Like the previous ones, the control is made by way of sliding and offer a quality to which very few applications have.

Being a software focused on the photographic edition, yes you can miss some tools such as the possibility of adding texts or funny stickers. However, the ones included have some features and a finish that will lead you to love the application and start using it daily.

Once your edition is finished, you can save the image directly on your mobile phone or share it on your favorite social networks.

VSCO features

Among its main features, the following can be highlighted:

  • It has some excellent tools and filters
  • Files can be easily managed
  • You can share the pictures directly on social networks
  • It is a perfect application if you want to highlight tools such as sharpness and color
  • 90% of users who have tried the application claim to be happy with it

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Although it is an application launched some time ago, its designers continue to work on fixing bugs and implementing improvements with which to achieve the happiness of all its users. Although there is a more complete version of payment, it is without a doubt a clear example of what can be done with a little patience and determination. It is worth trying it and squeezing its full potential.